Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 32/64 Bit


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Windows 10 is the latest release from Microsoft in their operating system department. This time, Microsoft focused on releasing fewer versions, unlike they did with Windows 7. The consumer versions that are available to buy are Windows 10 Pro and Home. This helped to reduce the mess between flavors and overcome the paradox of choice.

When you buy Windows 10 Pro you get the most feature-rich release that’s oriented to workstations. Yes, there’s also Enterprise. But they don’t differ that much. The main difference is that Enterprise is conceived for volume activation, useful when you have a computer park or pool. If you buy Windows 10 Pro, you need to activate it individually by purchasing a retail product key.

In 2018, Windows 10 exceeded the market share of Windows 7. But the latter still retains a strong presence in business environments. The problem is that security updates support for Windows 7 ends in 2020, and companies are the ones that most need to be provided with strong and robust security. Also, the hardware support is quite outdated compared to Windows 10. I.e. you don’t have native support for touch screens.



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